DTG - Direct to Garment

DTG (Direct to Garment)

Mad Monkey is Canada's premier source for high quality cost effective DTG print solutions through the use of patented Kornit Print Technology

Is DTG Expensive? 

DTG is a cost effective solution and provides the ability to be creative and stretch your designs to new limits. It's ideal for runs from 1 to 500 that involve the use for full color images or intricate designs with very fine detail.

Direct To Garment vs. Screen Printing?

Both processes provide significant value and each method is beneficial within its own respect. Our product advisors will analyze your designs and determine which process is best suited for your application and why.

Does it Wash Off or Stain?

The print's longevity is determined by the pre-treat and curing process. We use a patented pre-treat and curing process that produces long lasting prints with no pre-treat stains, and will keep your garments looking fresh after many washes.

Color Matching

In comparison to other DTG applications, our process involves the use of “Hexa Print Head Technology” which combines the process of CMYK + RGB to accurately match your corporate logos and designs. Fiery reds, warm yellows, deep blues, rich greens and vivid purples all come to life with our DTG process.