Screen Printing

Screen Printing

With our cutting-edge in-house production facility, we can handle any size order, always on time and on budget. Our expert advisors will work directly with you to always find you the best solution for the best price.

Is Screen Printing Expensive?

Screen printing is one of the most economical forms of printing, especially when printing larger runs.

How is Cost Calculated?

# of Locations Being Printed
# of Colors Printed per Location
# of Garments Being Printed

What about Setup?

We keep it simple; we never charge for setup or anything extra.

What about Design?

Design is always included at no additional cost; simply send us your files, in any format and our experts will make it all work!

Will it wash out?

The prints will outlast the garments. Screen prints, when cured correctly, should never fade or crack.

Color Matching

With over 1000 colors in our database your brand colors will always remain accurate and consistent.