With our in house embroidery facility, we can handle any size order, always on time and on budget. Our expert advisors will work directly with you to always nd you the best solution for the best price.

Is Embroidery Printing Expensive?

Embroidery is often perceived as an expensive form of imprinting, however we have adopted a streamlined process which enables this service to be quite cost effective, while maintaining the highest level of quality.

How is Cost Calculated?

Cost is calculated by 3 numbers:

# of Locations/Logos Stitched
# of Stitches in the Design or Location
# of Garments Being Printed

What about Setup?

We never charge for Machine Setup and Graphic Design is also included at no additional cost; Simply send us your logo, in any format and we'll make it work!

What’s the deal with Digitizing?

Digitizing is a unique process required to make your brand look awesome, by recreating it in a format that the machines can interpret. We charge a one time $50 flat rate for the first design and $25 per additional design.

What items can be Embroidered?

Embroidery is a pretty versatile process and allows us to pretty much brand almost any type of garment or accessory.

What about Color Matching?

We have over 1000 colors in our database, and your imprint includes up to 16 unique colors!